Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Mental Health

Equine Assisted Mental Health Therapy (EAMHT), a form of culturally-centered therapy which is offered at Rancho Luna Mia, Pala, CA. This form of therapy is culturally appropriate as it draws upon and honors the sacredness of who and what the horse represented for many Native Americans.

Patients in EAMHT demonstrate more consistent behavior; improved nonverbal and verbal communication skills, as well as increased self-confidence, assertiveness and problem-solving skills with fewer mentally distressing symptoms.


Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech therapy that utilizes the natural gait and movement of a horse to provide motor, and sensory input. It is based on improvement of neurologic functions, and sensory processes, and used for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities or delays and consists of the therapist and equine specialist working in tandem with the child.

We have found that by integrating our horses and ponies into the child’s treatment, the clinician is able achieve remarkable progress through this holistic approach because of the added benefits of the child and horse interaction and relationship that forms.

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