Harley’s Hope Project

Harley's Hope Project

Harley GoodpastureAcorns to Oak Trees was awarded a Department of Developmental Services Service Access and Equity grant for FY2022 for Harley’s Hope Project.

Harley’s Hope utilizes storytelling by sharing Harley’s story and those of other tribal families to increase awareness in tribal communities about intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and works to build relationships between Regional Centers and tribal families.

The project addresses some of the most common reasons why tribal communities are underserved by the Regional Centers (e.g. lack of cultural competency and knowledge of tribal governments and rural settings); as well as some of the most common reasons why tribal families are less likely to access services from the Regional Centers (e.g. lack of awareness, stigma, fear, and resources).

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage native families and it is the project’s hope that by sharing their own personal journeys of understanding and accepting their child’s diagnosis; that it will help remove some of the barriers to accessing services and it will increase awareness of Regional Centers and the life changing services they can provide for their loved ones.