Home Visiting Program

Home Visiting Program

Needs Assessment for Maternal & Early Childhood Health

Healthy Families of AmericaAcorns to Oak Trees is a Tribal MIECHV recipient and Healthy Families of America affiliate and offers culturally tailored and evidence-based home visitation services. Our program is a strengths-based, culturally sensitive approach to support families in a holistic manner, recognizing the unique pressures and challenges faced by different communities, including tribal populations. These programs not only focus on child and parent health but also work to foster long-term family and community resilience. Home visits are offered by our highly trained professionals and typically begin prenatally or right after the birth of a child and can continue up to the child’s fifth birthday.

The core objectives of home visitation include:

• Promoting positive parenting skills and child health and development.
• Enhancing family self-sufficiency through goal-setting, education, and connections to community resources.
• Preventing child abuse and neglect.
• Enhancing early childhood development and school readiness.
• Improving maternal and child health.
• Reducing domestic violence.
• Improving family economic self-sufficiency.
• Implementing strategies appropriate for the specific cultural needs of the tribal community.

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