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Tribal Member, Pala Band of Mission Indians

James is Cupeno and a member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians. James serves as the tribe’s Fleet Manager and often finds himself working on a wide variety of special projects around the reservation, utilizing his trade skills in mechanics, welding, and machinery. James is married to Season Goodpasture, and together they have four children (Harley, Huntley, Holley, and Hudson); James also has two older daughters, Shawna and Stephanie, as well as 8 grandchildren.

James’s journey with their daughter Harley has proven to be one of the most transformative experiences in his life and has redefined much of his purpose and passion in life. James’s involvement in Acorns is an integral part of why we are able to connect with so many tribal families because of his ability to share his journey of working with Harley and learning about her disability with those he meets in a way that is extraordinarily approachable.

James has found himself looking at new and innovative ways where he can unite his passion and skills in the shop with ways to help other tribal families get the resources and services their child with special needs deserves.