Northern Region Parent Navigator

Rayme Haskin is a descendent of the Navajo Nation and is also Native Hawaiian. At a young age she was placed up for adoption through California State Adoptions and due to the safeguards of ICWA was placed with a Maidu/Paiute family in Susanville, CA. Those safeguards have been her driving force to give back and help advocate for families in need.

In her younger years as a single mom of twins with disabilities she was tasked with a hard reality of the difficulties ahead. Although she faced great adversity, she was able to get connected with a Regional Center in her area to start the intake process for services. There is no doubt in her mind if she did not cross paths with someone who cared to share the amazing resources of a Regional Center, herself and her children would not be successfully thriving today.

Rayme is currently pursuing a degree in Social Work and Human Services. Rayme serves as our Northen California Parent Navigator and assist families in accessing Regional Center services and IEP’s, as well as hosting workshops to train families on their rights under IDEA so they can become self-advocates for their children.